Frequently asked questions

If you don’t see the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us .

Q. How can I register myself or my establishment on your digital platform so that I can purchase a year long licence to your training films?

A. Simply register your interest and we will set you up and send you login instructions.

Q. I already have a DVD ‘buyout licence’, why are you saying my licence will expire?

A. Your DVD buyout licence to Leaving is still valid and perpetual as originally agreed.

We no longer produce DVD copies of films and from now on the films will only be available on our digital delivery platform. Any valid licence holder will have access to the platform and can then purchase a digital streaming version of the film and download its associated PDF resources.

You will also have the ability on the platform to purchase our new film Last Date , which focuses on the subject of coercive control.

Q. Can I buy spare DVDs?

A. No, we no longer make or supply DVDs.

Q. Why can’t I buy a DVD copy any more?

A. As technology develops DVD players are becoming less available on many devices, we wanted to ensure users have access to the films in a flexible and reliable way. Also, in an effort to reduce our environmental impact we are limiting our use of plastic. An online version offers easy access, flexibility and freedom in how the film is delivered.

Q. Do you offer buyout licences?

A. We no longer offer buyout licences but historic buyouts to the physical DVD copies will still be honoured. All our licences are on yearly terms renewable each year manually by you if you wish.

Q. If I purchase a licence and enter my credit or debit card details, will you charge me again in a year’s time?

A. No! The choice to renew your licence is entirely up to you. Once the film licence expires in a year’s time, it will simply revert back to the trailer. You will no longer be able to use the film or any of its resources for training without breaking our legally binding Terms and Conditions .

Q. Do I get a digital file version of the film that I can use offline (without internet)?

A. At the moment the films are hosted on a streaming platform (like Netflix or BBC iPlayer), meaning you can only watch the films in full from within the platform. We are currently looking into enabling digital file downloads and the legal implications of this, to ensure they are only shared with authorised users.

Q. Do I get access to both films?

A. No, each film would require its own licence.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. We have hundreds of licence holders and each is as deserving of a discount as the next. This is why we offer our products at what we feel is a fair price for the level of quality training materials we produce and therefore do not offer discounts. These films are being used, and will continue to be used by organisations around the country for many years and hold their value.

Q. Can I update my username?

A. It is not possible at the moment to update your username without contacting us directly but please feel free to contact us . The ability to update your username is in our development backlog and will be available soon.

Q. What happens if I’m caught using these films for training outside of the licence holding organisation or individual?

A. If you hold a valid licence to one of our products, you are legally bound by our Terms and Conditions .

Q. Can I share the films outside of my establishment?

A. No. However, you can invite as many users to your account as you wish, as long as they are part of the licence holders establishment.

Please note that you may not resell, distribute, sublicense, or otherwise transfer the licensed materials to anyone outside your establishment. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q. Can I commission you to produce a film with us on another subject?

A. If you are thinking about making a film, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us through Omni Productions .

Q. I am a content creator who has a film that I feel aligns with your work, can it be housed on your platform?

A. We are always looking to expand our resources to better service our community. Please contact us to discuss this opportunity.